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Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership


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Water and water supply affects all aspects of life in our region. Communities along the Mid-Coast are working together to plan for the future of water in our region. The Mid-Coast includes the area from Cascade Head to Cape Perpetua.  This type of water planning is going on across Oregon, and as part of that planning, we’re asking for your thoughts and ideas.

Map shows general area of Mid-Coast region in black with county lines in red. Provided by Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership.

Today, water shortages and droughts are an issue in our region. Partners are now working together to understand and manage the supply of quality water that can meet all of our needs.  As part of this process, we ask you to help by filling out this survey through Oregon’s Kitchen Table to share about your values and hopes for water in our region. The members of the Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership will use your input to help them balance water needs in our area. Your voice counts!

So please fill out this survey if you live in, work in, or often visit the Lincoln County area.   

This survey should take you a few minutes to fill out.  This survey will be open until November 30, 2018.  

Your participation is voluntary.