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Tell us what you think about the Upper Rogue River


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Welcome! Would you please answer some questions to share your hopes and desires for the Upper Rogue River?

Many people use the Upper Rogue River (specifically between the old Gold Ray dam site to the Lost Creek Dam) for a whole variety of activities.  Some people fish and swim or want to protect fish and animals in the river. Some people enjoy the river using boats, either with paddles or motors. And there are several businesses that take customers up and down the river, some in rafts and some in power boats, like jet boats.

Map of Upper Rogue region showing end points at former Gold Ray Dam site and Lost Creek Dam. Boat ramps and rapids are marked on the map.

The map shows the section of river we will be asking you about. Map provided by the Oregon Marine Board.

Over the past few years, there has been some conflict about how people are using and enjoying the Upper Rogue. Some of those people believe that increased use of motor boats, especially the businesses using jet boats, make those activities difficult or impossible. Some other people believe that everyone can enjoy the river together, including jet boats. The river is also changing over time because of things like lower water and more people wanting to use it at the same time.

The State of Oregon is considering making changes that some people have suggested related to the Upper Rogue. Before any decisions are made, we would like to know more about how you and others feel about that stretch of river and how you use it.

If you live in Jackson County or visit the Upper Rogue, please share your thoughts in this survey.