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Safe Medicine Return in Oregon

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The state of Oregon has a new program to make sure people have ways to get rid of unwanted medicines safely.  The program gives people places to turn in unwanted medicines rather than throw them away or flush them. This program is called the Drug Take Back Program.

The state would like to know what the easiest way would be for you to turn in your unwanted medicines safely.  Would you please fill out this survey to share your thoughts about that?  
You are a part of the community and your input means so much. Your answers will help make it easier for all of us as we try to make sure we safely get rid of medicines we no longer want.

Please fill out this short survey if you live in Oregon. You and others can fill it out until June 16, 2021.  We will share these results with MED-Project. We will also put results on our website (, and we will send you a link to the results.

We value your opinion! Please invite your friends and family to fill out the survey, too.

All answers will be private. We will not tie them to your name or contact information.