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Plan for Aging in Oregon


Today, we are going to ask you some questions about aging and your hopes for aging policy in Oregon. The number of people in Oregon who are 65 years or older is growing quickly.
The number of people 65 years or older is likely to increase from about 18% of people in the state to nearly 22% by 2040. In some counties, the number of people that is older will be even higher.
AGE+ is a nonprofit group that supports communities of all ages to value and care for older people in Oregon. They want to see all of us continue to live healthy, long lives.
They want to make sure that our state is ready for the needs of older people now and in the future. So, AGE+ is working with partners to create a Comprehensive Plan for Aging in Oregon.
Please fill out this survey by January 31, 2022 if you live in Oregon or if you are caring for an older person who lives in Oregon. Please share what you think you, your family, and your community need to age well. Also, share what strengths you think your community already has to help older people age with good health and a sense of well-being.
If you would like help to fill out this survey, please contact Oregon’s Kitchen Table at or at 503-725-5248.