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Mid-Coast Water Action Plan


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Do you live, work, or often visit Oregon's Mid-Coast? A group planning for water wants to hear from you.  Would you please answer some questions about water in the Mid-Coast?

Water and water supply affects all aspects of life in our region. Communities from Cascade Head to Cape Perpetua have been working together to create a plan for the future of our water.  

Image shows a map of waterways with blue lines for rivers and streams

Map shows general area of Mid-Coast region. Provided by Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership.

Water shortages and droughts are an issue in our region. Partners in the region have built a plan to manage the supply of clean, safe water.  The goal is that it can meet all of our water needs.  But we need to hear from you. 

Please fill out this survey to share what matters to you about the plan.  Please also share how you think you could take action to help make sure we have enough quality water to meet our needs.  
So please fill out this survey if you live in, work in, or often visit Lincoln County.  

Your voice counts!  Your voice will help decide the actions we take to make sure we have enough clean, safe water. 

You can fill out this survey until January 7, 2022.