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Clatsop County Redistricting


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Every ten years, the United States (US) Census tells us the number of people living in Clatsop County. The 2020 census shows that the number of people living in each of Clatsop County’s districts has changed.  That means the boundaries for the five county districts will need to change. 

Clatsop County is working with Oregon’s Kitchen Table to make sure people in the County can share what you think about changes to the district boundaries. Oregon’s Kitchen Table is part of Portland State University (PSU).  The Center for Public Service at PSU is also helping Clatsop County think about changes to the boundaries. 

We need to hear from you about what matters to you about how these new boundaries should be drawn.  Would you please fill out this survey to share your thoughts about that?  

You are part of Clatsop County and we value your input. Your answers to this survey will help guide the changes to the boundaries of county commissioners’ districts.

Please fill out this short survey if you live in Clatsop County. You can fill this out until November 5, 2021.